The project

Our company (S & T-Tibetan Food Co.Ltd / Sakutshang GmbH) was founded in 2006 with the generous support of the autonemous regions of Tibet and Tak Tse Zong, by two families living within Tibet and abroad. One is the family Sakutshang from the region of Amdo (Xing hai), the other is the family Tokhang from the region Sang Ri (Lhoka). Members of both families also live here in Switzerland.

geduen-sakutshangProject manager and founder of Sakutshang GmbH (potato chip factory) is Geduen Sakutshang, who lives with his family in Switzerland.

From the initial ground-breaking ceremony right up to the opening of the company in April 2008, he lived on site for almost two years, with his wife and children, to manage the whole project .
The initial idea for this project was born in 1997, when Geduen Sakutshang travelled to Tibet for the first time and saw the problems confronting the farmers living there.
The farmers had great difficulty in selling their large potato harvests at a reasonable price, leaving them and theit families on the edge of poverty with no way of changing the situation.

For Geduan Sakutshang, it cost a great deal of energy  to get the company started. Overcoming every hardship and difficulty, finally led to the point where, in December 2007, the first product was ready for sale.
It took until the end of April 2008 to establish the logistical and marketing strategy, together with the local management team.


  • logo-food-productionThe company's production area covers 13'200 sq.m. It is located about 14 km south of Lhasa City, on the main road between Lhasa City - Kong po and the Province of Sichuan.
  • We currently employ about 30 people on site in Tibet.
  • We supply about 50 businesses with our products
  • The plantations are located at 3700 above sea level (and are therefore among thehighest in the world)

Our Goals

Our company was founded to help poor farmers and unemployed young people in Tibet. With us they get a good start into the work environment, which helps to integrate them into society.
In addition to their monthly wages, they are provided with free meals and accommodation within the factory property.

fabrik-unterkunftThe accommodation is built to today's standards , with individual shower and toilet.The modern kitchens is managed by our own cook, who ensures that employees are supplied with varied and balanced meals. We also cater for our employees leisure time and provide, for example, space for basketball and football.

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Health and Hygiene

produktions-teamEach new employee is given a thorough health check by our doctor before they start their first day at work. Regular check-ups are also provided during their employment. We are concerned to ensure that our employess remain healthy, which provides the additional benefit that we can ensure that the hygene standard required within the food production industry, is mainted. We also place great value on the standard of cleanliness within the production area.

All our employees are included in the company's collective health insurance policy. We are the first private company in Tibet which offers such an insurance scheme, together with all the other benefits we provide.

Our employees and good products are our capital.

We produce potato chips so that we can help support the poor local farm cooperatives. They are able to deliver, with little effort, their harvest directly from their fields for a good prirce, thus ensuring their continued existence without being exploited by the large vegetable dealers who offer them low prices. That is our goal, even if it means much more effort and lower margins.

Since the 1st of December 2007, we supply approx. 50 local shops and large shopping centres in Lhasa City, Tsetang and Gongkar Airport.

We intend to expand our product sales to Kong po, Chamdo, Shiga Tse, Nagchu and later to Cheng Du (Sichuan). Within three or four years, we would like to deliver our unique and excellent products as far as Shanghai and Beijing.

As the first potato factory within the autonomous region of Tibet, together with good know-how from abroad, we are sure that our company has a great future ahead of it and will, one day, perhaps function as an example for other businesses within the autonomous region of Tibet.

We are a jung company, dynamic and creative. Thanks to our internation experience in the food production industry, we are sure that our newest company in Tibet China (S&T Foodproduktion Co.Ltd.) has a bright future ahead of it and will develop further as an example to others.

If you would like to know more about our products and our company, please contact us - we are happy to answer any questions.