The S&T product

Why choose our chips?

ChipsThere are many reasons why our S & T® (already registered as a Trademark) potato chips (or as they are called in the UK, potator crisps) are the best choice for our customers:

• absolutly fresh top quality
• prepared under strict hygienic conditions
• great taste
• support for the farmers of the region
• organically grown potatoes (one of the highest quality in the world)
• etc.

The suppliers

After searching - at considerable cost - for many years to find suitable raw material suppliers for our company, we have now found the right ones. Our raw material suppliers know that we lay great value on only working with top quality products so that we can produce first class potato chips.

According to our market research from 2007, our chips are classed as among the best of their kind in China. A fact we are very proud, of course,.
Our suppliers plant the potatoes specifically for us and take considerable care in how they are farmed. They have developed and passed on their experience from generation to generation.

our potato farmsThe plantations are 3700 meters above sea level and are therefore amongst the highest farms in the world. Thanks to the clean air at this height and the high mineral content of the soil - achieved through hundreds of years of organic farming without any use of chemicals - the produce has a unique and excellent taste.
Thanks also to the irrigation with glacier water and the clean evironment of Tibet, our potatoes are labeld as some of the best quality worldwide.

Our frirst laboratory tests in Europe confirmed that these potatoes ideal are for the production of potato chips. Regular tests of our chips ensure that quality is maintained at a constant level. These tests take place at three locations.

• within the factory's own laboratory
• at the government laboratory in Lhasa City
• outside the country, at a laboratory here in Switzerland

Exemplary production methods

The health and well being of our consumers is our highest priority. To ensure that we can offer them a great and high quality product, we have had a special production plant built.
This includes - besides the usual washing process - an additional cleaning process which uses steam maintained at a specific temperature to ensure that no Aclynids are formed (a substance which can stimulate the formation of intestinal cancer). This helps ensure that the overall quality of the sliced potatoes are optimal for the next stage in the production process.

A Swedish Scientist discoverd Aclymid 3 or 4 years previously. Should wheat or potato products be insufficiently cleaned during food processing followed by being baked or fried can lead to the creation of this carinogenic substance, when eaten several times weekly. As we were aware of this problem, we investigated this issue here in Switzerland and as a result invested in this expensive additional food processing plant, which was built to our own specifications.

Our employee responsible for quality and hygene management went through an intensive training programme here in Switzerland. The main focus of the programme covered:

• personal cleanliness
• cleanliness within the factory premises
• hygene
• Qualita control
• Personell training
• The health impact on our consumers

The training was demanding, but so are the goals and expectations within our company.

Based on all of these hich expectations, we are able to guarantee an impeccable product for your enjoyment and satisfaction.

If you want to know more about our company or our product, please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.