Our sponsored projects

Here we will list some of the projects for which we have taken over responsibility.

We are convinced that this type of direct help is the right way and we know exactly where and how our resources are being used.

Hunsur Rabgyaling

The Tibetan refugee camp in Hunsur Rabgyaling has been in existence since 1972, and can be found in the State of Karnataka, in South India. It lies approx. 60 km away from Mysore City. The settlement ranges over 15 separate villages which are numberd based on the alphabet from A bis O.

3'330 individuals took refuge here in 1972. Today more than 10'260 people live in Hunsur Rabgyaling.

The main source of income comes from agrulture. The indian government at that time, assigned a piece of farmland to each family member. Residents born after 1972 have not been given their own piece of land and therefore live from the land owned by their parents.

WasserturmOne major problem in this region centres on the lack of drinking water. Because of this, we, as the company  Sakutshang GmbH, financed and implemented two drinking water projects in the years 1998 and 2003. Tafel

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