Sponsorship Opportunities

Here we want to list a few examples of individuals and groups whom we met, who are in desperate need of help.

We can't help all the needy ourselves, but perhaps some of these stories will inspire you to take on the responsibility of a sponsorship and to provide direct help where it is most required.

We have collected all the information on how those mentioned here can be contacted and have provided those details. 

If you want to take an active part in helping, we would be pleased to document your story here.

Family Sonam

Wanted: Sponsor for Family Sonam in Southindia

Familie-Sonam-01Family Sonam lives in the refugee camp in Southindia. They have one son.

Their son has been ill since birth - he suffers with epilepsy. Mrs. Sonam has severe walking difficulties, caused through an unsuccessful operation on her knee and suffers from a nerve disease.

Mr. Sonam works in a carpet factory as a night watchman. For this strenuous work he recieves the equivalent of about Fr. 150.00 per Month. They have no health insurance cover, nor are they covered against loss of earnings, as we are here in switzerland. They have no external support and have to rely solely on themselves. Mr. Sonam told me, that he often thinks of suicide because he sees no way out and has lost all hope. They are utterly distraught because of their living conditions. he told me that the last time they were able to eat any meat, was 3 months earlier.

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Mrs Nyma

Mrs Nyma in the maize fieldThis is Mrs. Nyma. She is 73 years old. She is almost blind in one eye and both her knees cause her considerable pain. She lives together with her grown-up son.

The son had a job as an assistant cook in a school canteen. He has lost this job because he caught Hepatitis. Not that he couldn't have continued doing the work, but because the school director didn't want to employ any sich people. So now Mrs Nyma has lost her sole source of income, which had been provided by her son.

Now she is forced to take up the job she did earlier and work as a day labourer, so that she and her son can survive. She can barely walk without her walking stick but even so, she has to search for work each day, so that she can feed herself and her son.

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