As a successful businiess which has the good fortune to be in here in Switzerland, we see it as self-evident that we should help as far as our means allow us to, people who find themselves in difficult circumstances.

We regularly travel to Tibet, India and Nepal, where we are frequently confronted by the unimaginable poverty in which many of the inhabitants are forced to live. Of course we can't help everyone. As a result, we act in those instances where we can help.

There is nothing so inspiring as when we can see that we have been able to help an individual or a group through the application of simple resources, to improve their life, if only a little bit.

  • Here we have documented a couple of projects, in which we were able to help in a very direct and uncomplicated way.
  • If you would like to actively get inolved and help people in need, then we have prepared a short list of situations and people, whom we have met and who desperatly need help but for whom we currently do not have the means to help. We view this as a kind of sponsoring and if your yourself would like to take on such a role, then we present here some possible Families in need and their contact details.

Everything is on a voluntary basis and you can take up contact directly with those families to find out how you can best help them. It is not our aim to start yet another aid organisation. It is our aim to provide information about situations we know about where help is necessary and will be appreciated.